Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Minifixation Update

More fresh piping hot reviews! From the Marvel universe there's the sensational She-Hulk, the improbable Nick Fury JrSunspot, a stealth-suited Iron Man, the Red Widow, a bigger cuter KingpinBlack Tom Cassidy and the Executioner Skurge.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe gets updated versions of Drax and Yondu, the Janet van Dyne version of the WaspSpider-Man's flashy new Infinity War suit, the Brickfig HulkbusterJustin HammerOdin and the Patriot.

From DC comics there's Jim Gordon as BatmanBruce WayneStar SapphireJessica Cruz and Lois Lane, while their animated spin-offs turn up Robin and Red X.

Plus of course a surprise appearance from Captain Canuck.

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